Hammath Tiberias, Early Synagogues Vol. I, M. Dothan (1981), 31 x 24 cm., hard cover, 132 pages, b/w  and color illustrations. ISBN 965-221-003-x. Price: $45  (for IES members: $34) Postage: $13

Hammath Tiberias Vol. II, Late Synagogues, M. Dothan, edited by Barbara L. Johnson (2000), 31 x 24 cm., hard cover, 132 pages, b/w  illustrations. ISBN 965-221-043-9. Price: $56 (for IES members: $42) Postage:  $13

Several superimposed synagogue buildings dated from the 4th to mid-8th centuries CE were discovered at Hammath Tiberias and excavated by the late Professor Moshe Dothan during the years 1961-1965. The results of the excavations are published in two volumes. The first volume covers Hellenistic and Roman remains at the site and the Stratum II synagogues. The second volume reports on the Stratum I synagogues, dated to Byzantine and Early Islamic times. These reports add to our knowledge of synagogues in the Land of Israel during the early centuries of the Common Era and elucidate the decisive role played by the city of Tiberias in Jewish life and thought during that period.