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IAA Reports 1: Akeldama Tombs. Three Burial Caves in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem, G. Avni and Z. Greenhut  (1996)

ISBN 965-406-018-3


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ISBN 965-406-33-7. (in Hebrew with English summary)


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ISBN 965-406-0361


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 IAA Reports 34: Excavations at Kadesh Barnea (Tell el-Qudeirat) 1976–1982,  R. Cohen and H. Bernick-Greenberg (2007)

ISBN 965-406-204-6

In two parts, 1 and 2: each part: $40 ($30 to IES members)


IAA Reports 35: Maresha Excavations Final Report II, Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from the 1989–1996 Seasons, A. Erlich and A. Kloner (2008)

ISBN 978-965-406-201-5


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IAA Reports 38: Paneas II. Small Finds and Other Studies, V. Tzaferis and S. Israeli (2008)

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IAA Reports 40: Paneas IV: The Aqueduct and the Northern Suburbs, M. Hartal (2009)

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ISBN 978-965-406-226-8


IAA Reports 42: Horbat 'Uza, the 1991 Excavations II: The Late Periods, N. Getzov, D. Avshalom-Gorni, Y. Gorin-Rosen, E.J. Stern, D. Syon and A. Tatcher (2009)

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IAA Reports 43: Nahal Hagit—A Roman and Mamluk Farmstead in the Southern Carmel, J. Seligman (2010)

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IAA Reports 46: The Ramat Bet Shemesh Regional Project: the Gazetteer, Y. Dagan (2010)

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IAA Reports 47: The Ramat Bet Shemesh Regional Project: Landscapes of Settlement: From the Paleolithic to the Ottoman Periods, Y. Dagan (2011)

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ISBN 978-965-406-285-5


IAA Reports 51: `Akko I. The 1991–1998 Excavations. The Crusader Period Pottery, (Part 1: Text; Part 2: Plates—sold as two separate volumes), E.J. Stern (2012)

ISBN 978-965-406-286-2


IAA Reports 52: Jerusalem. Excavations in the Tyropoeon Valley (Giv`ati Parking Lot), Vol. 1, D. Ben-Ami (2013)

ISBN 978-965-406-378-4


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ISBN 978-965-406-379-1


IAA Reports 54: Bet Yerah. The Early Bronze Age Mound. Vol. II. Urban Structure and Material Culture. 1933–1986 Excavations, R. Greenberg (2014)

ISBN 978-965-406-450-7


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ISBN 978-965-406-451-4


IAA Reports 56: Gamla III. The Shmarya Gutmann Excavations. 1976–1989. Finds and Studies. Part 1, D. Syon (2014)

ISBN 978-965-406-503-0


IAA Reports 57: Caesarea Maritima Vol. 1. Herod’s Circus and Related Buildings. Part 2: The Finds, Y. Porath (2015)

ISBN 978-965-406-521-4


IAA Reports 58/1: Nysa-Scythopolis. The Southern and Severan Theaters. Part 1: The Stratigraphy and Finds, G. Mazor and W. Atrash (2015)

ISBN 978-965-406-532-0 [sold as set with 58/2]

IAA Reports 58/2: Nysa-Scythopolis. The Southern and Severan Theaters. Part 2: The Architecture, G. Mazor and W. Atrash (2015)

ISBN 978-965-406-532-0 [sold as set with 58/1]

IAA Reports 59: Gamla III. The Shmarya Gutmann Excavations, 1976–1989. Finds and Studies, Part 2, D. Syon (2016)

ISBN 978-965-406-539-9

IAA Reports 60: `Akko II. The 1991–1998 Excavations. The Early Periods, M. Hartal, D. Syon, E. Stern and A. Tatcher (2016)

ISBN 978-965-406-620-4