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Editors’ Preface

Tributes to Frank Moore Cross—Kyle McCarter; Avraham Biran

Curriculum Vitae

Bibliography of Works by Professor Frank Moore Cross, Jr.

Sidnie White Crawford The 'Rewritten' Bible at Qumran: A Look at Three Texts

William G. Dever Archaeology and the Ancient Israelite Cult: How the Kh. el-Qom and Kuntillet 'Ajrud 'Asherah' Texts Have Changed the Picture

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J. The So-Called Aramaic Divorce Text from Wadi Seiyal

Daniel E. Fleming If El is a Bull, Who is a Calf?

David Noel Freedman and Jack R. Lundbom Haplography in Jeremiah 1-20

Ernest S. Frerichs Point, Counterpoint: The Interdependence of Jewish and Christian Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible

Maria Giulia

Amadasi Guzzo Plural Feminine Personal Suffix Pronouns in Phoenician

Baruch Halpern Eli's Death and the Israelite Gate: A Philological-Architectural Correlation

Larry G. Herr Tall al-`Umayri and the Reubenite Hypothesis

Jacob Hoftijzer Remarks on Psalm 45:7a

John Huehnergard On the Etymology and Meaning of Hebrew nabi’

Philip J. King Travel, Transport, Trade

André Lemaire Nouveaux sceaux et bulles paléo-hébraques

Edward Lipinski Transfer and Mortgage in Ancient Aramaic Documents

P. Kyle McCarter, Jr. Two Bronze Arrowheads with Archaic Alphabetic Inscriptions

Alan Millard Owners and Users of Hebrew Seals

Matthew Morgenstern The History of Aramaic Dialects in the Light of Discoveries from the Judaean Desert: The Case of Nabataean

Emile Puech Le "Fils de Dieu" en 4Q246

Anson F. Rainey The Taanach Letters

Wolfgang Röllig Aramaica Haburensia III. Beobachtungen an neuen Dokumenten in 'Aramaic Argillary Script'

Lawrence H. Schiffman The House of the Laver in the Temple Scroll

Stanislav Segert War Orders and Songs: Essenes and Hussites

Lawrence E. Stager Jerusalem and the Garden of Eden

Michael Stone and Theo Maarten van Lint More Armenian Inscriptions from Sinai

John Strugnell Problems in the Development of the Ahiqar Tale

James C. VanderKam Studies on 'David's Compositions' (11QPs"27:2-11)

Randall W. Younker An Ammonite Seal from Tall Jalul, Jordan: The Seal of 'Aynadab Son of Zedek'il

English summaries of articles in Hebrew, French and German

Hebrew Section

Shmuel Ahituv A Divine Verdict: A Judicial Papyrus of the Seventh Century BCE

Israel Eph`al On the Pronunciation of Some Proper Names

Hanan Eshel The Rulers of Samaria during the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BCE

Zeev B. Begin and Avihu Grushka Where Was Ostracon Lachish-4 Written?

Avraham Biran The husot of Dan

ltzhaq Beit-Arieh Ostracon From Horvat `Uza

Dan Barag Owners of Multiple Seals in Judea (during the Eighth-Early Sixth Century BCE

Magen Broshi A Commentary on the Apocalypse of Weeks (4Q247)

Aaron Demsky King Mesha Takes a Census

Menahem Haran Between Royal Annals and Literary Sources: The Books of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah and Israel What Were They?

Hachlili, Rachel Names and Nicknames at Masada

Emanuel Tov The Characterization of the Additional Layer of the Masoretic Text of Jeremiah

Ada Yardeni Two in One? A Deed of Sale from Wadi Murabba'at

Chaim Cohen Biblical Hebrew-Ugaritic Comparative Philology: The Comparison BH hadar/hadarat= Ug. hdrt

Mordechai Cogan Towards a Definition of sefer divrei hayamim lemalkhei yisrael/yehuda

Baruch A. Levine Vows, Oaths and Binding Agreements: The Section on Vows in the Light of the Aramaic Inscriptions

Arnihai Mazar Beth Shean during the Iron Age II: Stratigraphy, Chronology and Hebrew Ostraca

Abraham Malamat Episodes Concerning Samuel and Saul, David and Solomon in the Light of Mari Prophecies

Haggai Misgav Epigraphical Notes

Nadav Na'aman The Historical Background of the Aramaic Inscription from Tel Dan

Joseph Naveh Marginalia on the Inscriptions From Dan and Ekron

Daniel Sivan Some Unusual Doublets in Ugaritic

David Amit An Aramaic Inscription from the Hellenistic Period at Horvat Mazor

Israel Finkelstein The Beginning of the State in Israel and Judah

Elisha Qimron Improvements to the Editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Esther Eshel and

Amos Kloner A Seventh-Century BCE List of Names from Maresha

Yair Shoham Hebrew Bullae from the City of David

Ephraim Stern New Finds from Dor concerning the Establishment of the First Phoenician City-State at the Site

Hayim Tadmor The Commanders of the Assyrian Army