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the dead sea scrolls, qumran and the essenes. M. Broshi. ISBN 978-965-217-345-4. Price: $30 ($22.50 to IES members). Postage: $10

In this book, written for a general readership, Magen Broshi, former director of the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum Jerusalem which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls traces the discovery and decipherment of these scrolls, reveals what they teach us about the sect that wrote and studied them, and describes the site at Qumran.


The Temple Scroll is the longest scroll found at Qumran and one of the most important Dead Sea documents. It contains religious laws, most of which concern the Temple, its purity regulations, its festivals and the sacrifices and sacred food eaten there. Some of the laws differ from those found in other Jewish sources of the Second Temple period.



The Temple Scroll, Y. Yadin [editio princeps in three volumes with supplement] (1984)

32 x 25 cm., hard cover, boxed

Price: $240  ($180 to IES members). Postage $35

Vol. I:      Introduction (408 pp.)

Vol. II:    Text and Commentary (468 pp.)

Vol. III:   Plates and Text (220 pp.)

Supplement: Supplementary Plates



The Temple Scroll. A Critical Edition with Extensive Reconstruction, E. Qimron, with bibliography by F. Garcia Martinez (1996)

33 x 23 cm., soft cover, 124 pp., ISBN 965-21-030-7 [co-published by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Press] Price: $24 ($18 to IES members). Postage $5


Nahal Hever Caves: Documents, artifacts and human skeletal remains were found in caves in the cliffs overlooking Nahal Hever, a canyon near the Dead Sea.

Among the documentary finds were letters written by Bar Kokhba, the legendary leader of the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome (ca. 132 CE) and the archive of Babata, a Jewish woman living at that time.



The Documents from the Bar Kokhba Period in the Cave of the Letters. (Greek Papyri), N. Lewis; (Aramaic and Nabatean Signatures and Subscriptions), Y. Yadin and J.C. Greenfield (eds.) (1989)

31 x 23.5, hard cover, 216 pp., ISBN 965-221-009-9 Price: $60 ($45 to IES members). Postage $9



Other books about the Dead Sea Scrolls:



Scrolls from Qumran Cave I. The Great Isaiah Scroll, the Order of the Community, the Pesher to Habakkuk, F.M. Cross Jr. and J.C. Trever (1972) [Albright Institute] 33 x 23 cm., hard cover, 170 pp., color and b&w plates Price: $40 ($30 to IES members). Postage $10



The Damascus Document Reconsidered, M. Broshi (1992)

28 x 21.5, hard cover, ISBN 965-221-014-5 Price: $20 ($15 to IES members). Postage $5



THe Documents from the Bar Kokhba Period in the Cave of the Letters (Hebrew, Aramaic and Nabatean Documents). Y. Yadin, J.C. Greenfield, B.A. Levine, and A. Yardeni (eds.) ISBN 965-221-046-3. Price: $132 ($99 to IES members). Postage: $18


Archaeology and Society in the 21st Century. The Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Case Studies. N.A. Silberman and E.S. Frerichs (eds.). ISBN 965-221-045-5. Price: $28 ($21 to IES members). Postage: $6

The Dead Sea Scrolls Fifty Years after Their Discovery, 1947-1997

Proceedings of the Jerusalem Congress, July 2025, 1997