THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS Fifty Years after their Discovery 1947-1997

Proceedings of the Jerusalem Congress, July 20-25, 1997

Editors: L. H. Schiffman, E. Tov, J. VanderKam, G. Marquis

Published in Memory of Joy Ungerleider-Mayerson


Part I. The Hebrew and Greek Bible in Light of the Qumran Discoveries

            Chapter 1. Qumran and the History of the Text

            Chapter 2.  Biblical Interpretation at Qumran

            Chapter 3. The New Testament and Qumran

Part II.    The Qumran Corpus

            Chapter 1. The Nature of the Qumran Corpus

            Chapter 2. Liturgical and Sapiential Texts

            Chapter 3. Themes in the Scrolls

            Chapter 4. Texts, Readings and Multiple Editions of Qumran Texts

            Chapter 5. The “Apocrypha” and “Pseudepigrapha” at Qumran

Part III.   History, Archaeology and Language

            Chapter 1. The Qumran Texts and Early Judaism

            Chapter 2. The Qumran Texts and Early Christianity

            Chapter 3. The Qumran Community

            Chapter 4. Archaeology

            Chapter 5. Qumran Aramaic

            Chapter 6. Women at Qumran

            Chapter 7. Eschatology and Messianism in the Qumran Texts

Part IV. Texts from Sites Other than Qumran

Part V. Dating, Restoration and Preservation of Qumran Texts

Part VI. Perspectives

Final Session


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