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Aphek-Antipatris 1978–1985. The Letter from Ugarit, D.J.Owen et al. (1987) [soft cover; reprint from Tel Aviv] $10


Carmel Caves

Prehistoric Carmel, Y. Olami (1984), ISBN 965-222-013-2 $32


Tel Dalit

Tel Dalit, R. Gophna (1996), ISBN 965-274-225-2 [Ramot Publishing] $32



Dor—Ruler of the Seas, revised and expanded edition, E. Stern (2000), ISBN 965-221-042-0 $40


En Besor

Excavations at ‘En Besor, R. Gophna (1995),ISBN 965-274-203-1 [Ramot Publishing] $40


Jerusalem [see also Qedem Vols. 19, 30, 33, 35, 40, 41, 43; Jewish Quarter Excavations and The Palaces of the Hasmoneans and Herod the Great


The Village of Silwan. The Necropolis from the Period of the Judean Kingdom, D. Ussishkin (1994), ISBN 965-221-018-8 $48


Hebrew Bullae from the Time of Jeremiah. Remnants of a Burnt Archive, N. Avigad (1986), ISBN 965-221-006-4 $20


The Stone Vessel Industry in the Second Temple Period. Excavations at Hizma and the Jerusalem Temple Mount. Y. Magen. ISBN 965-221-048-X. $48



Investigations at Lachish (Lachish V), Y. Aharoni (1975), ISBN 0-914594-02-8 [Tel Aviv University] $25



The Madaba Map Centenary, 1897–1997 (1998), [Studium Biblicum Franciscanum] $100


TEL MIQNEH-EKRON EXCAVATIONS 1995–1996. Field INE East Slope. Iron Age I (Early Philistine Period); ISBN 965-7114-01-02—M.W. Meehl, T. Dothan, S. Gitin (2006) $84