IEJ Vol. 52/1




 1    Trude Dothan: Bronze and Iron Objects with Cultic Connotations from Philistine Temple Building 350 at Ekron

28    Raz Kletter: People without Burials? The Lack of Iron I Burials in the Central Highlands of Palestine

49    Ephraim Stern and Yitzhak Magen: Archaeological Evidence for the First Stage of the Samaritan Temple on Mount Gerizim

58    Ronny Reich and Zvi Greenhut: Another ‘Boundary of Gezer’ Inscription Found Recently

64    Varda Sussman: An IAA Sarcophagus Adorned with Personal Objects

81    Anson F. Rainey: The New Inscription from Khirbet el-Mudeiyineh

87    Notes and News

99    Reviews

121    Books Received—2001

125    Guidelines for Contributors to IEJ