Israel Exploration Journal


Contents Vol. 53 No. 1 (2003)


STEVE A. ROSEN and YANIV J. ROSEN: The Shrine of the Setting Sun: Survey of the Sacred Precinct at Ramat Saharonim

KENNETH A. KITCHEN: An Egyptian Inscribed Fragment from Late Bronze Hazor

NICOLAS COLDSTREAM AND AMIHAI MAZAR: Greek Pottery from Tel Rehov and Iron Age Chronology

MOSHE FISCHER and OREN TAL: A Fourth-Century BCE Attic Marble Totenmahlrelief at Apollonia-Arsuf

HANAN ESHEL and MAGEN BROSHI: Excavations at Qumran, Summer of 2001

MORDECHAI E. KISLEV and MINA MARMORSTEIN: Cereals and Fruits from a Collapsed Cave South of Khirbet Qumran

DAN BARAG: The 2000-2001 Exploration of the Tombs of Benei Hezir and Zechariah

JOSEPH NAVEH and SHAUL SHAKED: A ‘Knot’ and a ‘Break’: Terms for a Receipt in Antiquity

FRANK MOORE CROSS: Notes on the Forged Plaque Recording Repairs to the Temple

ISRAEL EPH`AL: The ‘Jehoash Inscription’: A Forgery



Books Received—2002