Israel Exploration Journal CONTENTS Vol. 53 No. 2 (2003)


Professor David H.K. Amiram: In Memoriam

Zvi Gal: The Iron Age ‘Low Chronology’ in Light of the Excavations at Horvat Rosh Zayit

Esther Eshel: A Late Iron Age Ostracon Featuring the Term ìòøëê

Yossi Nagar and Hagit Torgeë: Biological Characteristics of Jewish Burial in the Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods

Abraham Malamat: The King’s Table and Provisioning of Messengers: The Recent Old Babylonian Texts from Tuttul and the Bible

Israel Eph`al: Nebuchadnezzar the Warrior: Remarks on his Military Achievements

Bruce Routledge: A Comment on A.F. Rainey’s ‘The New Inscription from Khirbet el-Mudeiyineh’

Eva von Dassow: What the Canaanite Cuneiformists Wrote: Review Article


Notes and News