Contents of IEJ Vol. 58/2


129                 In Memoriam: Avraham Biran

132                 ISRAEL ROLL and OREN TAL, A Villa of the Early Roman Period at Apollonia-Arsuf

150                 AVRAHAM FAUST and SHLOMO BUNIMOVITZ, The Judahite Rock-Cut Tomb: Family Response at a Time of Change

171                 BOAZ ZISSU, The Hellenistic Fortress at Horvat Tura and the Identification of Tur Shimon

195                 AMOS KLONER, ALLA KUSHNIR-STEIN and HAVA KORZAKOVA, An Inscribed Palestinian Weight Mentioning the Emperor Claudius

198                 DEBORAH CVIKEL, YAACOV KAHANOV, HAIM GOREN, ELISABETTA BOARETTO and KURT RAVEH: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Adventure in Tantura Lagoon: Historical and Archaeological Evidence

219                 YUVAL GOREN, Micromorphologic Examination of the ‘Gabriel Revelation’ Stone


229                 NOTES AND NEWS

250                 REVIEWS