Sha῾ar Hagolan 5, Early Pyrotechnology: Ceramics and White Ware

This is the fifth volume publishing the results of the excavations at Sha῾ar Hagolan, an 8000-year-old Neolithic village located in the Central Jordan Valley, comprising one of the most important sites of the Yarmukian culture. This volume focuses on the development of pyrotechnology, discussing the initial organization of the pottery industry and the final stages of the production of burnt lime vessels, the so-called White Ware. The volume contains eight chapters that present the pottery assemblage and the clay objects on a typological and quantitative basis, along with petrographic analysis and spatial distribution in completely excavated building complexes. White Ware items are discussed as well.


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Foreword — Yosef Garfinkel

List of Figures and Tables; Abbreviations


Chapter 1. Introduction — Yosef Garfinkel

Two Pyrotechnologies in the Neolithic Near East; The Ceramic and White Ware Finds From Sha‘ar Hagolan; Containers in the Context of Early Village Communities;

         The Site of Sha‘ar Hagolan and an Overview of the Excavations; Yarmukian Assemblages; Pottery Neolithic Entities in the Levant


Chapter 2. The Neolithic Pottery from Sha‘ar Hagolan: Typology and Spatial Distribution — Anna Eirikh-Rose  

       Yarmukian Pottery: History of Research; The Present Study; Typology; Decoration; Vessel Function; Spatial Distribution Analysis; A Note on the Pottery Assemblage from Area G; Summary and Conclusions


Chapter 3. Petrographic Analysis of Pottery and Ceramic Objects — David Ben-Shlomo

Introduction; Methodology; The Geological Setting of Sha‘ar Hagolan; Results; Discussion

Appendix 3.1. The Petrographic Samples; Appendix 3.2. Detailed Description of the Thin Sections


Chapter 4. The Earliest Pottery Production in the Land of Israel: A Potter’s Perspective — Daphna Zuckerman

Introduction; The Pottery Assemblage from Sha‘ar Hagolan; A Technological Overview of the Sha‘ar Hagolan Pottery; The Production Process: The Chaîne Opératoire


Chapter 5. The Incised Decoration of the Yarmukian Culture — Yosef Garfinkel

Introduction; History of Research; Design Typology and Craftsmanship; Deciphering the Source of the Neolithic Decorative Patterns


Chapter 6. The Ceramic Objects — Michael Freikman

Introduction; Goals and Methodology; Typology and Spatial Distribution; Technology and Administration; Appendix 6.1. Catalogue of the the Ceramic Objects; Appendix 6.2. Experimental Production of Clay Rods


Chapter 7. White Ware Michael Freikman

Introduction; Technology; Description of the White Ware Items; Spatial and Stratigraphic Distribution; Summary


Chapter 8. From Lime to Clay: The Functional and Social Implications of the Changing Use

of Pyrotechnology — Yosef Garfinkel

Introduction; Pyrotechnology: From Building Material to Household Needs; Pottery and Improved Food Management; The Neolithic Holemouth Clay Cooking Pot; Conclusions