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The Architecture of Ancient Israel, A. Kempinski, R. Reich (eds.) (1992) ISBN 965-221-013-7 $48


Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land, R. Amiran (1970) [plates with Hebrew text; English edition is currently out of print] $30


Biblical Archaeology Today. Proceedings of the International Congress on Biblical Archaeology, Jerusalem, April 1984 (1985) ISBN 965-221-004-8 $30


Biblical Archaeology Today. Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Biblical Archaeology, Jerusalem, June 1990 (1993) ISBN 965-221-019-6 $60 Pre-Congress Symposium Supplement: Population,


Production and Power (1993) ISBN 965-221-023-4 [soft-cover] $20


The Early Biblical Period. Historical Essays, B. Mazar (S. Ahituv and B. Levine, [eds]) (1986) ISBN 965-221-005-6 $24


The Archaeology of the Israelite Settlement, I. Finkelstein (1988) ISBN 965-221-007-2 $40


Peoples of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines, T. Dothan and M.Dothan (1992) ISBN 0-02-532261-3 $25


Canaanite Gods in Metal, O. Negbi (1986) [soft cover] $20


Greece and Rome in Eretz Israel, A. Kasher, U. Rappaport and G. Fuks (eds.) (1991) ISBN965-217-074-7 $32


The Palestinian Dwelling in the Roman-Byzantine Period, Y. Hirschfeld (1995) [soft cover; co-publisher: Fransiscan Press] ISBN 965-427-000-0 $48


Monks, Martyrs, Soldiers and Saracens, P. Mayerson (1994) [co-publisher: New York University] ISBN 965-221-025-0 $30


Aramaic Ostraca of the Fourth Century BC from Idumaea, I. Eph`al and J. Naveh (1996) ISBN 965-223-958-5 [co-publisher: Magnes Press] $20


In Quest of Ancient Settlements and Landscapes. Archaeological Studies in Honour of Ram Gophna. E.C.M. van den Brink, E. Yannai (eds.). ISBN 965-274-344-5. $30


Shifting Urban Landscapes During the Early Bronze Age in the Land of Israel. N. Getzov, Y. Paz, R. Gophna. ISBN 965-274-322-4. $18